Local Inventor Makes Breakthrough in the Treatment of Hair Loss and Alopecia

My name is David Satchell and I have been a Trichologist for over 50 years.
My company is Eucaderm Limited based in the south of the UK, and my website is: http://www.eucaderm.com

In 1977 I became a member of the Institute of Patentees and Inventors for my innovative designs in hair products. In the year 1992 I became a Master Craftsman in Hairdressing.

I realise that many people don’t know about what a trichologist does, or is even.
Well at the Eucaderm Hair and Scalp Clinic, we research, develop and treat all hair and scalp problems.
And now we have a local English Inventor making a breakthrough into the treatment of Hair Loss and Alopecia!

There are two things which need to be addressed.

The blood and the increase of the blood to the follicle. We have researched the haematological (blood) along with the trichological (hair and scalp) very extensively.

The two areas that we looked at were boosting the immune system as well as increasing blood flow in those tiny capillaries in the scalp.

So my suggestion is why not try the new Eucaderm Treatment that won’t cost an arm or a leg…

What I am proposing is the use of the Eucaderm TN25 Supplement capsules for the auto-immune system and the use of the Hair and Scalp Stimulator along with the most important product which everybody has in their home and is cheap as chips.